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Richard Whadcock has been represented by the Northcote Gallery, London since 1997 and his contemporary landscapes paintings have been featured in regular solo exhibitions for the last six years.
After completing his Masters at the Royal College of Art in 1991 Whadcock moved to Brighton and established his studio at The Phoenix Brighton Art Gallery and more recently to the Red Herring Studios in Hove. It was shortly after this that he was taken on by Alison and Diccon Pettit who were establishing the Northcote Gallery in Battersea, London.

The Northcote Gallery, London. 

The Northcote were also representing highly regarded artists such as Daisy Cook and Ffiona Lewis at the time. Richard Whadcock's initial paintings proved popular with regular clients and led to his first one person show in 2002. This was then followed up by successful exhibitions at the Affordable Art Fairs where a regular following was further established and has continued to collect his work ever since.

Northcote Gallery, 253 king's Road Opens

The Northcote Gallery then opened their flagship exhibition space in the prestigious Kings Road Chelsea. This developed the successful placing of works in private collections world wide and this was extended through international art fairs such as Art Hamptons in New York, Art Brussels and Chelsea Art fair.
Work has been collected by people such as musicians Eric Clapton, Howard Donald actor Anthony Howell,  and the Rothchild family. Richard is now solely represented by the Northcote London Art Gallery in Chelsea where he has continued to have successful solo exhibitions.

The Artist - Richard Whadcock

With the continued support of the Northcote Art Gallery Whadcock has been able to slowly develop his contemporary landscape paintings which deal with the South Downs and East Sussex coast. Trying to capture its ever changing dramatic atmosphere from silent stillness to squally days.
Whadcock uses traditional oil paint on canvas or panel to produce his works. He uses the best quality oil paint such as those produced by Michael Harding or Vasari and mixes his own oil mediums and glazes so he knows only the best products have been used. His raw canvases are meticulously prepared by hand with multiple primings to produce his preferred surface. Perhaps from the processes inherited from his printmaking practice the paintings are made up of many, many layers of glaze and scumble glazes to capture light within the painting. The South Downs are only a starting point as the paintings themselves eventually take over and follow their own path creating their unique surface landscape.
All the works are for sale and are oil on canvas, panel, paper or studies in charcoal. The gallery arrange safe delivery or organise shipping by international Fine Art shippers if needed. If you require paintings to be framed then this can be arranged as well with all work been quoted for first before been carried out.

Contact the Northcote Art Gallery here to discuss available work, arrange a viewing of work or commissioning a painting.

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